All steel tube used in construction is Australian made Algal tube. This means that the tube is actually rolled out of galvanized material, not dipped after construction, providing the highest possible rush protection.

All welds on the frame and chassis are ground, cleaned and primed before being covered.

The complete frame and chassis are inspected, and any weld spatter removed, before priming and painting, to ensure the highest quality finish.

All rivets used in the manufacture of the body are sealed rivets. This ensures that no moisture can enter the frame
from the rivets.

All non welded joints are sealed with a polyurethane sealant to protect against moisture and water intrusion.

Our double strength floor is made from 25mm kiln dried, Fl 7 (construction) grade hardwood base with 17mm F7 grade waterproof form ply top and covered with 8mm of heavy duty rubber matting. All joins in the rubber are sealed with polyurethane sealant and the floor is then sealed with a waterproof coating.

All exterior paint is automotive 2 pack enamel that is baked. This is the same process as your car.

We only use Australian electrical components that meet and exceed Australian standards on our axles.

We only use quality electric brake components that meet all Australian standards.

All wheel rims are load rated to Australian Standards and fitted with new light truck tyres.